How to Ride a Camel in
the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

how to ride camel

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi offers a plethora of interesting and adventurous activities. One of them is a camel ride. You can select from the different packages and pick the one that offers a camel ride. To ride a camel in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi, you should be prepared. For starters, make sure that you are relaxed. It might be intimidating, but animals can sense your unease. Keep yourself at ease mentally and physically. You would enjoy the rhythmic movement of the animal.
Secondly, see that you are dressed appropriately. Wear soft light clothes for the desert heat. Wear full trousers to prevent hard camel hair from irritating your skin. Camel ride is a unique experience. Since first-timers might have plenty of questions regarding a camel ride in Abu Dhabi, we shall try our best to answer all of your concerns.

Since the dawn of time, camels have been the mode of desert transportation. When it comes to riding a camel, the key is being at ease. Keep your body tension-free. It might need some adjusting, but when you stop resisting, you will get in the flow. The guide will ensure that the camel is sitting in a crouched position, so you can swing your leg over the saddle to the other side. Do not let go of the handle. The camel will lurch upwards, and it might feel like you are going to slip. The camel picks the back legs first. Lean back in the saddle, or the movement will make you propel forward. Then, the camel raises its front legs. Lean forward. Once you get used to the movement, let go of the handle. If you feel the animal is restless or in a crowd, do not let go of the handle. 

Can I ride a camel in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can ride a camel in Abu Dhabi. It is part of the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Packages. People opt for Desert Safari Abu Dhabi because it offers a wide range of fun activities, including camel rides allowing them to experience the desert fully.

How should I dress for a camel ride?

You have to protect yourself against the desert heat and sand. You should dress comfortably and wear a loose and long-sleeved shirt. For summers, it is best to opt for light-colored and light-weight clothes. Wear soft socks and trainers. Although you can wear flip-flops or sandals since it can get very hot. It is best to wear sneakers or trainers. It is best to wear sports shoes because you won’t be able to walk much or comfortably on loose dunes.  Also, wear long socks because camels have a side-to-side walk that can lead to friction if you are unprepared. You don’t want straw-like camel hairs moving up and down your legs. Always keep a hat or headscarf. You need to protect your head against the hot sun. 

Is it difficult to ride a camel?

Uncomfortable at first, yes. But not difficult. For a novice, it is difficult to get on and off. Other than that, it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it. Also, there are guides to help you out, and they instruct you on how to sit and hold yourself from the start of the camel ride to the end. 

How old do you need to be to ride a camel?

For children, the recommended age is at least 5 years and above to ride a camel. The way camels stand and sit down on their forelegs can be frightening for young ones. Longer rides are recommended for kids 10year+. For adults, there is no age restriction. It depends on their mobility and comfort level.

Is there a weight limit to ride a camel?

Many tourist attraction companies put riding weight limits on the camels. The weight limit can vary from 100kg to 200 kg depending on the species. The common weight limit is about 120kg which is about two small as average humans. The weight limit is there to prevent any injuries as the constant changing of riders exerts the camel’s back and legs.

What is the proper way to ride a camel?

Pay attention to your attire, See that you wear loose and comfortable clothes to protect yourself against the scorching desert heat and sand. Pack a pair of sneakers or trainers. Keep a hat or headscarf to cover your head. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen and keep a pair of sunglasses. If you are carrying your things, keep a backpack with you. 

How much weight can a camel carry?

Camels can easily carry two small to average weighing humans. Camels are known as Desert Ships. They can easily carry 900-1000 pounds at a time. So unless you are obese and weigh more than 400 lbs, you can easily ride the camel. 

Is it scary to ride a camel?

Uncomfortable, yes. But not necessarily scary. Those riding a camel for the first time can be intimidated by the animal’s size. The moment when the camel stands up can make you startled as you would feel like you would slip. If you hold the handle and push your upper body back, you won’t propel forward or slip.

How to ride a camel with one hump?

You sit on the camel’s seated hump, The Dromedary, one-humped camels let the ride sit in front, top, or behind its hump. Whereas, the Bactrian, two-humped camel is saddled between humps. You use a stirrup handing on one side of the camel and mount the camel. Once the camel stands up, you can move your legs for a more comfortable position.

What does a camel ride feel like?

Camel ride feels very much like a sitting on a rocking chair. You need to follow the rhythm and enjoy it. Isolate your hips from your upper body. Most of the people have a hard time getting used to this. However, once you get the hang of it, it is quite a weird soothing feeling. Relax your body and enjoy the camel’s rhythmic gait. The experience is a bit strange and one-of-a-kind. You would feel amazed at the height of this animal. They are very tall. Enjoying the beautiful golden dunes around, if you opt for a camel ride during your Desert Safari Adventure, would be a memorable experience. 

Does it hurt camels to be ridden?

Camels are desert animal and in service since stone age, in the modern age camel got seated hump that have a comfy material padding that minimize the encounter of seat with his body. According to the UK’s Born-Free Foundation, the study clear that riding camels gives no hurt to them.

Are camels friendly?

Like humans, animals, too, have different characters. You would come across friendly, grumpy, and aloof camels. Generally, they are gentle, sweet, and curious animals. If you are nice to them, so would they. Camels are desert animals, And if you plan to try out Desert Safari Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy an authentic came to ride in the desert. It is part of the different packages offered in Desert Safari. 

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